Salina Grande

Salina Grande, originally uploaded by Madeline_Mundt.

I'll be in Argentina in less than three weeks (and then 30+ hours of travel, but who's counting). I don't think we'll go to Las Salinas, but there will be adventures and photography for sure.



Bee and Wildflowers
 Just another picture from Yosemite. In September I went to Wawona, and drove through the valley on my way out. Miraculously, there were hardly any people there.  If you ever want to visit Yosemite Valley, I recommend the weekend after Labor Day. This photo was taken there...I'm pretty sure that's El Cap in the blurry background.

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Snowy Saturday

Truckee River in the snow

Thistle (I think?) with ice
It snowed! So I bundled up and took my new camera outside. I love desert plants in the snow...so pretty. If the roads clear out today, I might head to Pyramid Lake for a photo adventure. We shall see...

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Fall Festival
 Another old photo from my JET (English teaching in Japan) days. This was taken in fall '04 in Arashiyama, which is on the northern edge of Kyoto City.

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Half Dome from North Dome

Half Dome, July 2010
North Dome's a nice hike...about 9 miles out and back from Porcupine Creek. You get to see Half Dome up close and personal without going near Yosemite Valley and its hordes of summer tourists. We even saw a bear!
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Arches National Park

Arches National Park (near Fiery Furnace), May 2009

The thing with Arches: it's all driving, all the time. Fiery Furnace is about the only place you can actually get out of your car and go for a decent hike (no, ambling up to Delicate Arch does not count). Unfortunately one has to plan ahead to hike in Fiery Furnace, so all we did was stare longingly at it from the outside and hide from the Arch Hogs (translation: tourists who hang out in the arches, thus preventing other tourists from photographing said arches).
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Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto, Japan
Kinkakuji is known as the Golden Temple in English...it's one of Kyoto's top tourist sites. I actually faded the color a lot in this photo to give it sort of an aged feel. It's hard to take a unique photo of something that gets photographed hundreds of times a day...



fushimi inari lanterns kyoto
Lanterns at Fushimi-Inari Shrine south of Kyoto City


I disappeared! And now I am back!

Here's where I went:

Scotland (Castle Varich near Tongue)

Northern Ireland (peace murals in Derry-Londonderry)

More to come...sporadically, because I'm moving house and then going to Yosemite. Looks like Blogger learned a few new tricks while I was gone, too...


Half Dome from Yosemite Valley

half dome from yosemite valley
Half Dome from Yosemite Valley, taken in May 2010. Apparently it's black & white conversion week for me...



calilegua salta argentina birds nests
Birds' nests in Calilegua National Park in northern Argentina



Hands Newspaper Rock Moab Utah

Newspaper Rock, Moab Area, Utah


Street Food

street food seoul south korea

Street food in Seoul, South Korea
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Hi, ant.

ant spooner lake leaf

I just despise ants. I can't believe I got close enough to this one to photograph it.
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Kyoto Tower

kyoto tower kyoto japan
Reflection of Kyoto Tower, Kyoto City, Japan


Ophir Creek Log

ophir creek log nevada
The Ophir Creek Trail is an 8 mile hike from Washoe Valley up to Rose Meadows (and 8 miles back). I got too lost to do the whole hike, but I did get some nice photos.

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nanzenji nanzen ji kyoto japan
Nanzen-ji Temple in Kyoto. This is one of those photos that just turned out perfect. I barely remember taking it...



hunter creek reno nevada
Detail of giant log on the Hunter Creek trail near Reno. Hunter Creek is a good first and last hike of the season...it's lower than most of the Sierra hikes, so less likely to be snowy.


Half Dome from Olmstead Point

yosemite half dome olmstead point
Slightly different view of Half Dome.

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Paper Cranes

Cranes Origami Fushimi Inari Kyoto Japan
Paper Cranes at Fushimi Inari. Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.


Jellyfish In the Sky

jellyfish desolation sound reflections clouds
Clouds reflected in the water in Desolation Sound...there are these amazing waves of jellyfish (or jellies as I should properly call them) as the tide goes in and out.

Roscoe Cove

Roscoe Cove Desolation Sound
Roscoe Cove, Desolation Sound, BC. In the rain.


Manzanar Free Press

Manzanar Free Press Sign California
...maybe the most sadly ironic photo I've taken.


Yucca Two

Yucca Canyonlands Utah Moab
Taken in Canyonlands National Park - Island in the Sky


Pyramid Lake

Dear Pyramid Lake, why are you so ridiculously photogenic?!


Shikoku Japan Reflections Temple
 Shikoku, Japan - Spring 2006



Tengu Kurama Japan Demon

Giant "Mountain Demon" in Kurama, near Kyoto. Boo!


Cactus Flowers

cactus flowers moab utah
Moab area spring flowers from a year ago...I'm annoyed that I'm not going back till September!


Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay Cannery Row Fish
...on a cloudy May day. Taken with my crummy ancient little point and shoot.



Fish at Ginkakuji - Kyoto City, Japan

Madeline Mundt - Some Rights Reserved

Double Arch

Turns out black-and-white photography kinda camouflages arch hogs (aka tourists who insist on hanging out in arches). Good to know for future holiday weekend national park visits...

Madeline Mundt - Some Rights Reserved


Pyramid Lake

First snow of the season, 2008

Google's Picasa has this "I'm Feeling Lucky" feature that is actually pretty good. Yeah, I know it basically just rebalances the histogram as appropriate, and yeah I technically know how to do this in Photoshop myself, probably with better results. But I'm lazy and I don't own Photoshop.


Rabbitbrush and Granite

Ophir Creek Trail
Late Summer


Impending thunderstorms, Island in the Sky
May 2009


Two Lakes

Tahoe and Marlette, from near Snow Valley Peak
Tahoe Rim Trail
September 2009


Just one more photo of El Cap. I promise.

I annoyed my friends by taking literally 30 pictures of El Capitan. Oh well.
(early May, late afternoon)

Manson's Landing

Cortes Island, BC, Canada (Summer '09)


Now for something totally different

Eggs boiling in hot springs - Beppu, Japan



Canyonlands National Park, Utah
Spring 2009