On Second Thought...

I'm going to keep this blog just focused on posting my photography, and possibly linking to/commenting on photography-related things that interest me. I definitely want a travel blog, but I've come to the conclusion that I don't need to feed all my travel mishaps to the Google spiders for the entire world to laugh at. So, I'll be setting up another slightly more private, personal life-in-Europe blog, and I will share a link with friends and family when that's done. Sound good?


Goodbye Peavine Mountain

Two (digitally enhanced, yes) wildflower photos from a last hike on Peavine Mountain. The first is a lupine, and the second is.......that red plant that grows all over Peavine. You know that plant?

I'll miss living on the side of a giant piece of BLM land. I'll miss wildflower hikes with my friends here. I'll miss the high desert, although I will not miss snow in June. And I think I will adjust to life (and photography, and skiing) around the Alps just fine.



So I'm moving to Switzerland.

This started out as a photoblog, because I got sick of having a political blog (I've since begun to miss that one). Then, I discovered I like writing a few words or sometimes a random little story or a travel narrative along with the photos. So now it's, what? Photos + writing? Seemed to work ok.

Now the blog is going to be a few more things, I think. Travel-in-Europe blog (travel-in-North-Africa-and-the-Middle-East-too blog, I hope). Expat blog. Not the whiny kind, I promise. Maybe even a bit of politics, from time to time. I mean, I'll have a whole new continent to learn about!

Posts for the next month will probably take on a goodbye Reno nostalgia form, as I am going through a phase of preemptively missing Nevada. I might write some more on this, later. It reminds me of my last month in Japan, which was just a whirlwind...I knew leaving was the right decision, but the last weeks were just a crazy blur of goodbyes and packing and that weird preemptive nostalgia. I felt like this:

I know there are so many good things to come, though. Cheese and chocolate and Italian lakes and planning my first weekend gettaway. And then there's the job...I don't want to get into that on a personal blog, so I'll just say it sounds completely awesome. And then there's the small, insignificant fact that stuff works in Europe. I've already begun bugging my British co-worker here by giving him running updates on how many weeks I've got till "socialized medicine." The Swiss system isn't even close, as far as I can tell, but better than the US system for sure. Though at this point, leeches and bloodletting might be better than the US system.