Yavi, Northwest Argentina

I went to Argentina in late December/early January (I was going to say, "as I tend to do"...but it's actually been over two years). I was in the Northwest, Salta and Jujuy Provinces, as usual (plus 6 hours in Buenos Aires, during which I had lunch with my friend at an "American" restaurant and honed my speed-shopping skills at Zara).

We did go on some new adventures: I convinced my parents that they really like driving on awful dirt roads, and then we went to La Quiaca and Yavi on the border with Bolivia, and the Laguna Pozuelos nature reserve. Here's Yavi:

Iglesia San Francisco, Yavi
The church in Yavi dates back to the 17th century. Unfortunately the church is closed Sunday afternoons, as it turns out...but the exterior + the colonial-era marqués's house (and museum) + the drive there made the trip worth it.

Yavi Church Detail
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